Waters and Parking

We are building out this section over time. The intention is to provide you with more detailed information on each section including pictures of the river, parking and information on tactics and which fish you can expect to catch. If you see a blue "Find Out More.." button then we have further content to explore

River Swale:

Oxque Gill

North bank downstream from sign 600m upstream of Oxque Gill to Marske Bridge. Free parking over Marske Bridge on left roadside, access via snicket in right hand side wall opposite (leave room for farm vehicles to manoeuvre from gate opposite). Further free parking up Marske road 200m on left, access via iron gate to farm. There is also space for two vehicles on left by parking sign immediately over Oxque Gill bridge.

Marske Bridge

North bank downstream from Marske Bridge to beck 200m upstream from Lownethwaite Bridge. Parking as per Oxque Gill and in lay-by opposite pumping station at Lownethwaite Bridge, access over road through gate via narrow path and wade river, when conditions allow.

Thorpe House

South bank downstream from signed access point at roadside to Lownethwaite Bridge. Signed access from road at top limit; 300m upstream of Thorpe House; at caravan park and at Lownethwaite Bridge. Free parking in Quarry Wood lay-by; small lay-by west of Thorpe House Farm and in lay-by opposite pumping station at Lownethwaite Bridge.

Lowenthwaite Bridge

South bank downstream from Lownethwaite Bridge to Round Howe footbridge. Free parking in lay-by opposite pumping station.

Round Howe

North bank downstream from Sandy Dove to Howe Villa. Pay parking at Round Howe car park.

Billy Bank Woods

South bank downstream from Round Howe footbridge to Green Bridge. Free parking on left side of Green Bridge and around The Green.

Green Bridge

Both banks downstream from Green Bridge to Richmond Falls (The Fosse). Parking as Billy Bank Woods and in lay-by below Castle.

The Batts

Both banks downstream from Richmond Falls to Mercury Bridge, with exception on south bank of first three fields upstream of Mercury Bridge. Pay parking at Richmond Falls and The Station.

Station Bend and Fence End

South bank downstream from Mercury Bridge to Sand Beck. Pay parking at The Station 

Clink Bank Wood

North bank downstream from Mercury Bridge to Stone Steps. Pay parking at The Station  or free parking at Easby Abbey car park.


South bank downstream from Sand Beck to Easby iron Bridge. Free parking at Easby Abbey or hard standing at water works. If night fishing, please advise owner of adjacent property in advance of fishing by text or telephone 07958 141601.

Hagg Wood

South bank downstream from Easby iron Bridge to approx 200m downstream of Hagg Losh. Free parking at Easby Abbey or hard standing at water works.

Hagg Losh

North bank downstream from Red House Farm top limit to Red House Farm. Enter Red House Farm drive and at bottom of hill turn right, continue to end of straight section and through white double gates to park at end of lane. (If gates are locked enquire at farmhouse). Free parking also at Easby Abbey car park.
No night fishing. No fishing or wading in front of farm or caravans.

Red House Farm

North bank downstream from Red House Farm to Brompton-on-Swale Caravan Park. Enter Red House Farm drive and at bottom of hill turn left. Park at end of straight section by sign. Access down track between fields to gate.
No night fishing. NB: No fishing/wading in front of farm house and caravan park from either bank.

Broken Brae

North bank downstream from Brompton-on-Swale Caravan Park to Brompton Lakes. Free parking in Broken Brae lay-by.


North bank downstream from Bailey Bridge to Skeeby Beck and South bank downstream from Bailey Bridge to Brompton Scar. Free parking in Brompton-on-Swale lay-by and on grass verge by gate at Bailey Bridge lane. Parking at St Giles Farm, off A6136 Catterick Garrison road, park by fence as signed.

Catterick Bridge

North bank upstream for 150m. Free parking in race course car park (note instructions for when car park is locked) and access across footbridge.

Great Langton

North bank upstream from road bridge for 90m and South bank upstream from road bridge to top limit sign. Free parking in lay-by at Langton Bridge.

skeeby beck:


North East bank downstream from disused railway line for 200m. Free parking in Brompton-on-Swale lay-by.

Skeeby Village

Available to Annual Members who are residents of Richmond only. North East bank downstream from the ford for 200m and the South West bank downstream from the ford to Skeeby Bridge. Access via the track off Sedbury Lane. Free parking off the track on the North East side of the ford.

still waters

Mill Farm Fishery

  • Available to Annual Members only. N.B. - The fishery now consists of Cow Pasture Lake only. This fishery, located at Gilling West, is owned by Thornaby Angling Association (TAA). 

  • By agreement, R&DAS annual members can fish Cow Pasture lake, adjacent to the car park, under the same rules that apply to TAA members (see angling rules page for further details). 

  • Access is through a secured gate with a combination lock - members should contact a committee member with proof of their annual membership to receive the code.

Exchange Tickets for Barnard Castle AC, Bigwaters AC and River Derwent AA are available to members by contacting the R&DAS Secretary.

Note that some waters are occasionally closed for match fishing - please see the match fishing page for further details.