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River Swale:
1. All forms of spinning are prohibited.
2. Society waters upstream of Lownethwaite Bridge fishing is restricted to trout only, using fly or worm only.
3. Season dates are:
a) Trout - 25th March to 30th September inclusive.
b) Grayling - 16th June to 14th March inclusive.
c) Coarse species - 16th June to 14th March inclusive.
River Swale is closed to all forms of fishing 15th March to 24th March inclusive.
4. Fly and worm only on Skeeby beck at Skeeby between 25th March and 30th September inclusive.
5. Fishing within 50 metres both sides of Richmond Castle Falls is not allowed from 31st August to 24th March inclusive.
6. Keep nets are not to be used on rivers from 25th March to 15th June inclusive.
7. Fish may be taken in any one day as follows:
(a) in season 2 trout of minimum size 25.5cm (10").
(b) from 16th June to 14th March inclusive 2 grayling between 30-38cm (12-15").
(c) all fish, except trout and grayling as specified above, must be returned alive to the water.
8. Trout under the size limit, and between 1st October to 14th March all trout, must not be placed in keep nets or otherwise impounded.
9. From 25th March to 15th June inclusive , no swimfeeders, no groundbait, no maggots; hook bait restricted to artificial fly, natural worm and stone fly.
10. A maximum of two rods to be used at any time.
11. Only one hook per rod except when fly fishing.
12. Double or treble hooks not to be used.
13. Landing and keep nets to Environment Agency specifications.
14. A recognised disgorger must be carried and used.
15. Fishing is not permitted from any bridge.
16. No dogs.
17. No litter or discarded tackle.
18. No fires or barbeques.
19. Please close gates.
20. Anglers are personally responsible for any damage they cause to person or property.
21. With the exception of match competitors, fishing on match days in match locations is only allowed after the match finishes with the exception being evening matches when all fishing must end 2 hours prior to the match draw.

Mill Farm Fishery:

The fishery is owned by Thornaby Angling Association (TAA). By agreement, R&DAS annual members can fish the lakes under the same rules that apply to TAA members. There are no day or week permits. The fishery comprises Cow Pasture Lake, next to the car park; and Mill Lake, accessed on foot by the bridge over the beck.

1. Access to the fishery is ONLY from Hartforth Lane and vehicles must not drive into or beyond the bridge over the beck.
2. There is to be no arrival before sunrise and departure no later than one hour after sunset.
3. Litter must be picked up before and after fishing and taken home, along with all tackle, including discarded line, hooks etc.
4. No more 1Kg cereal groundbait allowed.
5. Barbed hooks are banned on both lakes.
6. Tins for any purpose - food/drink/bait - are banned.
7. Visitors may take family members but Mill Farm Fishery is not a playground. Any visitor taking family will be responsible for them. Non members may not fish. No ball games and no swimming or paddling, no boats, no fires. No dogs at any time.
8. Cow Pasture Lake is all year round coarse fishing. Mill Lake also offers coarse fishing but becomes trout, fly only, from 1st February to 31st May. Until 31st March, it is strictly catch and release. From 1st April one trout only may be taken on any one day. Coarse fishing resumes on 1st June.
9. All anglers must be prepared to show either TAA or R&DAS permits on request.
10. Lake bottoms are soft - no wading.
11. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult.
TAA may hold matches on Cow Pasture Lake on 12th June, 6th July and 10th September. Match Anglers will have precedence on these dates. Notices will be posted.

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